A dynamic workshop for L&D and HR leaders in London on 7 November 2018

Masterclass: Agile Methodology as a Business Transformation Tool

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The Agile Methodology has revolutionised the way startup and software development companies operate. But agility is not just about better software, it’s about better business.

In recent years, more and more businesses have started to understand that Agile is more than a methodology – it’s an organisational transformation tool. Organisations from a wide variety of industries are now embracing its principles and transforming functions from marketing and human resources to finance and IT.

  • But how can L&D leaders help their businesses embrace agility to create a learning culture that helps the organisation to move faster?
  • How can the methodology support an ethos of continuous learning and customer-centricity?
  • What’s the role of leadership development in an organisation looking to adopt the Agile Methodology?

These are some of the questions which HR and L&D leaders are invited to explore alongside are hosts Professor Ricardo Perez, Academic Director of the Master in Digital Business at IE Business School and Michael Skapinker, Contributing Editor at the Financial Times. This exclusive masterclass will cover, in a practical and dynamic way, the challenges and opportunities related to the implementation of the methodology.

Building an agile organisation

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An exclusive venue in the heart of London


Financial Times, Number One Southwark Bridge, SE1 9HL


Wednesday 7 November 2018


8.30am to 11.30am


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Prof. Ricardo Perez

As Professor of Innovation, Strategic Management and Information Systems at IE Business School, Ricardo Perez has combined an extensive professional career with research into the field of innovation and technology. Ricardo is currently the Academic Director of the Master in Digital Business at IE.

Ricardo has collaborated in education with leading universities in not only Europe, but also the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China and South Africa. Ricardo has vast experiences in consulting with the leading global companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.


Academic Director, Master in Digital Business at IE Business School

Michael Skapinker

Michael Skapinker is an FT contributing editor and columnist on business and society. He is also executive editor of the FT-IE Corporate Learning Alliance, the FT’s executive education arm. Born in South Africa, he began his journalistic career in Greece. He joined the FT in London in 1986 and has held many positions, including FT Weekend editor, FT Special Reports editor and management editor.

He received the Work Foundation Members’ Award for his contribution to the understanding of working life in 2003 and was named WorkWorld Media Awards Columnist of the Year in 2008. At the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards he was named Business Commentator of the Year (2012) and Business Ethics Commentator of the Year (2015).

Contributing Editor at the Financial Times

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